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Shocked October 12, 2012

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I was shocked when she told me he did that,

I tried my best to find the correct words to say,

I was tring to give her the best advice to ease her,

I felt so helpless over here listening to her pain.

Why? Why did you do this to her?

You are such a good man,

God gave you a beautiful baby of your own,

Please think of them, they are the one who’ll be going to be with you forever,

And to the b**ch, if you consider yourself a woman, then be a human,

You scratched my friend once, you’ll get worst later,

If you think you still have your pride, then stop selling yourself to him,

You will never know what will happen in the future,

So try to understand a woman’s feeling if you don’t want to be hurt,

Don’t be too cheap by stealing others property,

Use your brain if you have one,yah.

Allah always look upon us. Do remember that.