A medium to express what i think i want to express

About March 7, 2012

Hi, I’m Darweena. Currently living in Penang, Malaysia.

I’m the eldest in the family and i’ve been married for 3 years now but no kids yet….Still trying=)

I’m a type of person that can be angel and i can also be a devil. But, i’m trying so hard now to get rid of my devil attitude and move on with my life happily with my angel attitude. It’s just that sometimes when you’re stuck with the idiots that really do stupid things and behaving nonsense with you, your patience just don’t stay with you…and when you just smile at them they will either say that you’re afraid of them or you lost the battle. PEOPLE! It’s really hard to deal with people…they’re many brains you have to deal with.

I do not know how to express my anger , hatred and happiness sometimes…beside expressing to my beloved husband (who is always a good listener), I want to express it in a medium where i felt it will help to reduce my anger… and increase my patience beside I want to know myself, am also craving to learn, expand, and grow deeper with compassion and understanding for myself and others.

This is a place for me to collect and share my life , my loves, my stressful work, my failures, my hopes, my stories, my images.

Thank you for visiting.


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