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Braggart September 24, 2012

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I do not understand why some people like to take advantage of another people..

They acted like they have no limbs,

Ordering people to do this and that,

Such a lazy bones!
How do i tell them that i hate em’?

Why they have to follow every single stupid thing that he said?

Don’t they have their own set of mind?

Are they blind?


I noticed that they were running away from this freak,

And suddenly my name popped out to advice him..

Hahahahhaha…m so glad seeing them licking their own spit..

But i won’t! He got nothing to do with me.


Sometimes you have to ignore what others felt,

I have my happiness at home,

I care only for my husband and families,

They rest does not matter anymore.
I like when people hate me,

You can’t expect you’ll be loved by everyone,

I rather choose the fact that they hate me,

Rather than facing the hypocrite people.


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