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Up & Down September 10, 2012

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I attended a meeting this morning without knowing the agenda.

I entered the meeting room without agenda like others.

There’s no agenda.

The agenda is me. I am the agenda.

From the meeting i pity those who’s trying to pull me down.

But since they have nothing better to do, let them be.

Because now, you are on top. And you forgot who brought you up.

But it’s alright, when there’s an UP, there’s always a DOWN.

I could not give a solution to the problem, but the people who created the problem can.

If i can speak, I would say:

“Look, you can voice this out but you prefer not to. And now you’re barking like a dog, telling people on the yesteryear’s mistake. The idiot part was, you were part of the committee members who agreed on the problem…Where do you put your brain back then?”

I’m really sick dealing with a useless people like you…my evil heart told me that sooner or later you’ll be facing your doom day, and it’s gonna be really BAD.


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