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Damn You September 27, 2012

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Lately, m attending discussion,meetings, and functions without being brief.

When i did a research, the notification had come earlier but i didn’t understand why they preferred a last-minute job.

And today i received a phone call about one of my staff who’s been putting his head under everybody’s foot, came to work.

He was suppose to be on leave, Yikes!

When he was with me, i hardly can see him even though he was not on leave.

Damn you!



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I was attached with so many things last week. Family matters, work and friends keep playing games in my head.

But of course, above all my family always the priority. But that’s not what i want to share today.

What i wanted to share was…..

During the busy week,i manage to bumped into Ustaz Don & family, Azmeer & family and Arja Lee & family.

Ustaz Don and Husna

They were such a lovely couple.  Just by looking at them makes you treasure a marriage life.

But human will be human, i still heard some complained about his in-laws family were not being humble.

I was so surprise to hear that, as they were totally opposite.

In fact, it’s their family members big day…you can’t expect them to treat you like a King and Queen.

And when the family shout a Congratulations and clapped their hands, they started to judge on Ustaz family.

They were saying how can Ustaz family shouting and not behaving… I was like HELLOOOOO, they were just celebrating and i didn’t see any ‘over-acting’ behavior on his in-law family.

Beside you cannot judge him as an Angel who will be perfect in every single thing.  C’mon, stop judging people and start judging yourself.
That’s much more better. I think the ‘gossipers’ need a therapist.

I pity Ustaz family as they were stuck in the situation they did not pose.

For Ustaz, family and in-law family, i somehow knew that all of you have the strength to face this, InsyaAllah.

Azmeer, the Composer

Congratulations Azmeer!

It was so nice to meet you and your family.

They were such a humble family and so proud of Azmeer.

I did not hear anything bad about you, Alhamdullilah.

Arja Lee, the Actor

Congratulations Arja!

Do remember us here…i knew you have a lot of exciting memories.

But dude, there’s a rumors saying that you’re arrogant.

But i know you…you were a cool dude.

I think these people were lack of attention..that’s why they create such things…hahhaa

Anyway, best of luck in your future undertakings

Never ever judge a book by its cover and Wayne Dyner said  “When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.”


Braggart September 24, 2012

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I do not understand why some people like to take advantage of another people..

They acted like they have no limbs,

Ordering people to do this and that,

Such a lazy bones!
How do i tell them that i hate em’?

Why they have to follow every single stupid thing that he said?

Don’t they have their own set of mind?

Are they blind?


I noticed that they were running away from this freak,

And suddenly my name popped out to advice him..

Hahahahhaha…m so glad seeing them licking their own spit..

But i won’t! He got nothing to do with me.


Sometimes you have to ignore what others felt,

I have my happiness at home,

I care only for my husband and families,

They rest does not matter anymore.
I like when people hate me,

You can’t expect you’ll be loved by everyone,

I rather choose the fact that they hate me,

Rather than facing the hypocrite people.


Act Busy September 21, 2012

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It’s a busy week for me,

I hardly can enjoy my breakfast, my lunch and dinner,

I understand the tight schedule that m facing now,

But i don’t understand why he wants us all to just sit there and sell our face,

He rather sees us there rather than doing our work in the office….

Mind blowing! You really need to learn the word MANAGEMENT


Quotes of the Day September 13, 2012

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“Good leadership consists of showing average people how to do the work of superior”

-One of them is Tun Mahathir Mohamad. It’s funny when you see people who oppose his ideas in Malaysia development, but in the end they were the one using the facilities they critics…hahahahah-

“I not only think but also look and study things carefully. When I travel around, I look at things carefully, make comparisons of what I see. I don’t accept things at face value, you cannot trust what you hear or see. Don’t jump to conclusions without thinking.”- Tun Mahathir Mohamad

-Sadly i live in an environment where ‘jumping to conclusion’ is the only solution, and their brain was park under their feet-

“To be a great leader, one needs to have good strategies, be knowledgeable and able to predict the future,” -Tun Mahathir Mohamad

-Strategies is essential in leadership…i wish i can be like him. Love you Tun-


Used September 12, 2012

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Ever felt like u’re being used?

When they asked you to do something, and you did not do it, they will condemn.
When they asked you to do something, and you implement it, they will condemn still.

I went back yesterday and i can’t get rid of voices in my head. My brain was so tired to think about this, my body was too weak to accept it, my hands were too heavy to lift it.

I am wearing three hats now. I have three departments and only one i’m officially exist.
This week is a super busy week, but nobody seems to have full force on the task given.
They let time passes by talking rubbish, yet they said they are short of staff.
Why can’t they be practical? It’s their routine job, they’ve done that since the past 10 years if i’m not mistaken.
But still, nobody seems to know anything, yet the big headed said my department is useless.

As far as i’m with my department, even though we’ve been condemn, but we never ask extra hands to help us.
When we stayed back, definitely we’ll be able to clear up 70% of the job.

In my departments, we know what our colleagues are doing. And we have less rubbish talk.

Now, everything had changed. Yes, i’m very upset if you ask me, i felt so down and i’m too angry.

But again, i can only be me, i don’t care if people hate me as long as i do my work properly.

I take this as a challenge and exposure. I force my brain to think the opposite. I’m pushing myself to be the optimist.
I’m happy to be here,
It gave me a lot of exposure,
A lot of people seems to be intimidated with my presence,
There are eyes looking at me,
There are words cursing for,
There are words praising my capability,

Above all, i’m happy because in life they will be a constant trade-off

You can smoke but you gotta have cancer.
You can binge on that piece of cake but you gotta deal with the extra pounds.
You can fall in love but you gotta deal with the heartaches.
You can lose your temper at someone but you gotta face the gnawing regret afterwards.
You can tell a white lie but you gotta face the ones that follow.
You can get wasted tonight but you gotta have that hang-over tomorrow morning.
You can have independence but you gotta face the loneliness.

Life is a constant trade-off.
Everything comes with a price.
(Taken from +oranje grove+)


Up & Down September 10, 2012

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I attended a meeting this morning without knowing the agenda.

I entered the meeting room without agenda like others.

There’s no agenda.

The agenda is me. I am the agenda.

From the meeting i pity those who’s trying to pull me down.

But since they have nothing better to do, let them be.

Because now, you are on top. And you forgot who brought you up.

But it’s alright, when there’s an UP, there’s always a DOWN.

I could not give a solution to the problem, but the people who created the problem can.

If i can speak, I would say:

“Look, you can voice this out but you prefer not to. And now you’re barking like a dog, telling people on the yesteryear’s mistake. The idiot part was, you were part of the committee members who agreed on the problem…Where do you put your brain back then?”

I’m really sick dealing with a useless people like you…my evil heart told me that sooner or later you’ll be facing your doom day, and it’s gonna be really BAD.