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Mad August 27, 2012

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Today i’ve start my daily routine:-

6.30 am : Wake up, Pray, Feed Whiskas, Bathe

7.15 am : Off to work

7.25 am : Reach office

8.10 am – 1.00 pm : Work + Annoying colleagues = Headache

1.00 pm- 2.00 pm : Lunch with dearest husband = Heaven

2.00 pm- 5.10 pm : Work + Arrogant People = Boring

5.10 pm : Yipppeeeeee.. Home Sweet Home

Day by day…m feeling lost…do not know what should i do..shall i stay where i am now, or should i move on with other field. People seems to make fuss over something small. I just don’t understand if the tasks has been assign to A, why B have to be busybody to lead the the tasks? For me that is not multitasking, that is STUPID!

While m in depression mode, i saw an email from my aunt. and i would like to share it here. Really make my day=) Thank you dear aunt!

When you are mad with someone…. here is a good curse…



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