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Better August 22, 2012

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I’m still on leave but i don’t really enjoy my holiday. My mind is disturb with my upcoming week where m gonna start my busy schedule. It’s not that i do not enjoy the busy schedule…but i believe no matter how busy we are, we still have to spare some of our precious time with our family. That was what i rarely see in my new work environment.

I was so depressed until i spilled out my emotion to my relatives. I’m glad that i did this. I had a great chit-chat on what shall i strike the most…my uncle told me that i had the ability of inter-cultural relationship. He told me that i have to focus on my strength and grab other opportunity when it knocks on my door, of course i do have to discuss with my beloved husband.

When i told him that my anger management went haywire, he told me that he understood my feeling. He told me there was a great tennis player who used to hate one of his opponent.He let the hatred control him and that was what make him lost the match with this particular opponent…the coach then asked him to express his anger/hatred to the ball and he won the game!

My uncle told me to use the same method. He even told me  that i could be a consultant! And whoever envy my abilities are those who carry inferiority complex- An inferiority complex, often used to mean low self-esteem, is a feeling of intense insecurity, inferiority or of not measuring up. An inferiority complex can be seen in the negative or “useless” reactions to problems in life. These reactions are useless because they do not solve the problem at hand, but only serve to guard one’s self-esteem by avoiding the task or by placing the blame for the failure outside of the individual’s control. Although the inferiority complex may be seen as comparing individuals or groups as one being superior to another, it more closely describes how one deals with a fear of failure.(Credit to Wiki)

M so relieve to hear that…InsyaAllah i will try to collect my strength. Tq so much for the advice Ami!

And Alhamdullilah, i saw a big improvement on my beloved sis…Keep being strong sis..You looked a lot better then the last time we met…
My prayers will always be with you. M counting the days you could hug me tightly and lift me up easily…InsyaAllah..

Love you sis…


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