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Dilemma August 15, 2012

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It is only 3 days left before Raya….

I don’t really feel happy but i do want to enjoy the Raya dishes..

My heart feels empty and messy at the same time…

I think i’m thinking so much on my foresee questions : ‘Not yet pregnant? How many years have you guys been married? Have you not try the traditional medicine?…and so on…and so on….and so on’

Phewwwww…i wonder how m i going to answer all that?…

Another thing is maybe m thinking on ‘Do i give happiness to my parents?, Are they proud of me?’

I’ve to admit, i don’t really have much to offer to them….but i do hope they are comfortable with the least that me and my sisters can do for them.

I’m proud to show the world that we don’t really need money to succeed. Not necessarily the children with a big salary could afford to spend on their parents, but Alhamdullilah we manage to spare a cart to both of them.

Of course it is too little to compare what they’ve sacrifice for us when we were small.

InsyaAllah, one day we will give you things that you desire the most.

Right now i want them to look up at my parents with respect. I want them to know that our parents manage to give us all this success and i’m sure all the things that me and my sisters achieve now is due to the good deeds and patience from my parents.

If i want to be a Devil, i can proudly laugh right at their faces who keep taking advantages on my parents..

But we were asked to be an Angel… and i thanked Allah for giving us all this.


But deep inside my heart, i do laugh at them…how bad am i….Hurmmmffhh


3 Responses to “Dilemma”

  1. emma Says:

    Juz ignore je apa yg org2 nk ckp tf.. Try to pekakkan ur telinga although mmg payah la kan.. Ada hikmah disebalik semua ni.. Susah2 sgt tnya je kat org tu blk.. Dia bila nk pregnant lak

  2. dekqah Says:


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