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Hatred August 3, 2012

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Life is not that simple anymore…

Sometimes i feel like  it has gone from bad to worst…

It’s hard if you are depending or relying on somebody..

But in the end you’ve to tolerate with his/her decision or opinion..

Worst when he/she does not understand what m battling inside..


Yup, I’m not okay..

I keep looking at the motivational quotes to stay strong..

I keep thinking on the holiday that i will never want to have..

I keep thinking on the perception on those who think they are perfect..

And I keep thinking on  how do i act normal among them…

I just want to say that I hate being where I am now…just hate it..

I appreciate those who care and love me…but m really sorry because

I could not return your care and your love…

Keeping me means you will hurt yourself more and more…

Should I just walk away and start fresh? But…..

For a time being….i can only give a fake smile…



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