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Family Gateway April 30, 2012

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9 April 2012….It’s Nda and Late 31st Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to both of of you…We love you so much.

We took them to Colmar and Pangkor Island. This is a school holiday treat for Kak Chik and Adik too=)

It’s a very short trip but enough to visit the places.

We were here! At Colmar entrance

Five of us

Lovebirds in front of Painting Shop

Adik concentrating on her painting

Adik and Kak Chik aka Cat and Dog at viewing tower

My favorite photo

Giving the hilights to our parents

Another viewing spot at Colmar

Entertainment before we sleep

Off to Pangkor

Having fun at the beach..Weeeeeee

Nda and Late

I must say Anjungan Beach Resort have a spacios and comfy room=)

To Nda and Late:

Love is unbreakable relationship between two souls.We love you both so much. Muahxxxxx


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