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Stupid April 18, 2012

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Things are getting very difficult now. Human characters are full of hypocrisy which make life harder.

I live in the world full of INSINCERITY. I never learned this when i was in the kindergarten nor when i was in primary school. But i can see this attitude increases when we were at the secondary level. Everybody wanted to be close with their teachers just to get extra marks…not to tap on the teachers knowledge. Even though some teachers are hard to bait, but some will definitely fell in love with the students. Why is this happening?  Because WE ARE HUMANS. I believe all human would love to be a legend but many of them use their power instead of their hardship to declare themselves a legend, unlike animals they always find their way to survive.

It’s bad enough for me to compare humans and animals, but when i deal with humans in my everyday life….i think i know why Charles Darwin created such ideology. I  was observing the behavior of cats and dogs. When we keep them as a pet, they will treat our friends nicely regardless who our friends are. I had a cat, i’ve brought my friend who owns nothing and i’ve brought a friend who owns a billion….but the treat that they received from my cat are the same…but in the humans life….they definitely IGNORE my friend who owns nothing, and they will TREAT my friend who owns a billion. TYPICAL HUMAN!! Herbert Bayard Swope once said “I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure–which is: Try to please everybody”.And i’m sure you have heard a story of a dog named HACHIKO (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hachik%C5%8D):-

In 1924, Hidesaburō Ueno, a professor in the agriculture department at the University of Tokyo, took in Hachikō, a golden brown Akita, as a pet. During his owner’s life, Hachikō greeted him at the end of each day at the nearby Shibuya Station. The pair continued their daily routine until May 1925, when Professor Ueno did not return. The professor had suffered from a cerebral hemorrhage and died, never returning to the train station where Hachikō was waiting. Every day for the next nine years the dog waited at Shibuya station.

Hachikō attracted the attention of other commuters. Many of the people who frequented the Shibuya train station had seen Hachikō and Professor Ueno together each day. They brought Hachikō treats and food to nourish him during his wait. This continued for nine years with Hachikō appearing precisely when the train was due at the station.[2]

Even though his master was a professor, he never treat others badly. He will greet the hawker and the passer-by without choosing only The Professors to greet, yet he can still be a legend on his own effort.

Men best show their character in trifles, where they are not on their guard. It is in the simplest habits, that we often see the boundless egotism which pays no regard to the feelings of others and denies nothing to itself-Arthur Schopenhauer

I was very upset today to know how low mentality of some humans. Why is it so hard to ask if you do not understand? Why do you like to be a dumb guy that just wait for the orders? Why you have to be so coward to take the RISK if want a success???? You would like to get some money, yet you don’t want to move your ass even a single inch…so how do you expect the money to come in??? IDIOTSSSS….WAKE UP!!!!!!

The truth is i’m very upset…i’m very…very upset…but deep in my heart i do believe that ‘What goes around, comes around’. So if you hold a certain position that allows you to make decision…it’s the best if you LISTEN properly to the subject and ASK if you do not understand…That is much more better rather than you go and tell everybody that you are unclear about the subject. STUPIDDDDD!!! Henry Ford once said : And if you are in the position of a Executive Secretary, i believe your role is to collect and provide info., not just sitting there and waiting for the info to come to you…LAZY P*G!!!!!    A man should have any number of little aims about which he should be conscious and for which he should have names, but he should have neither name for, nor consciousness concerning, the main aim of his life said Samuel Butler.

well, right now i think everybody is happy because nobody can do anything rather than talk bad about others and make people angry.Hahahhaa…


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