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Lost April 4, 2012

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This will be my first article in April…

FYI, I don’t really like 1 April… On 1 April 2007, my mom went for a total gastractomy and on 1 April 2010 i lost my best friend arwah Zarina Abd Ghafir.

I knew Zarina when i was in Form 1, she was a girl from Bangi. That’s what we called her.. ‘Budak Bangi’.  I was new at Convent Father Barre also, but Zarina came in the mid-term. Our friends called us Darwin and Zarin…. There are so many things Zarin and I shared…She helped me a lot to understand myself… I miss you Zarin, I missed you so much. I think your parents and your sis are much more stronger than me…. I dreamed about you sometimes…I could see your happy face…InsyaAllah, we will meet again 1 day…

On 31 March 2012 my true friend Ema lost her dad. I was shocked because she was on the phone with me when the doctor announced about her dad. He passed away due to diabetic and infection from the left foot.Seriously, i don’t know what to say and i was really scared to meet her…..because i’m not strong either…How do i consult my TF to be stong when me myself is not strong enough? I imagined myself in her shoes, I would be a total lost.. But as a Muslims, this is qada’ and qadar….We have to accept His test.  Dear TF, you are such a strong girl, i admired the way you handled everything. And you have to keep being strong for your mom and your brother. Ignore what others said. You still have your mom, baby, husband and your brother.

Al- Fatihah- Ya Allah, Kau tempatkanlah mereka di kalangan orang yang Beriman. Amin.


3 Responses to “Lost”

  1. Dq Says:

    Tasian.. Takpa ada hikmah disebalik evry lost..

  2. emma Says:

    juz read ur blog… Thx dear tf.. 4 being there for me at dat time.. Miss him a lot

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