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Laughter is the best Drug March 13, 2012

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Hurmmmm…..I’m supposed to thrash this out yesterday…but it was so funny until i can’t find a word to write…

So, today m facing my work again….It’s weird when we’re in school, we ought to go to the university….

When we enter university, we ought to go to work….but we start working…we hope that we can go back to school..

Hurrmmmmm…but after asking around, it only happen to some people…some people are happy with their work…it’s the matter of choosing a career that makes you happy…My career did make me happy and i enjoyed myself with all my colleagues but i do have to liaise with some people who do not have ethics…

I’ve a secure work but right now, i’m not sure either secure can bring you happiness or not if u’ve to deal with this kind of people in your everyday life….

Yesterday, i called a staff just to double confirm and clarify some urgent matters but in the end he started acting like a psychopath. I was so surprise because if i don’t take action , it will stay like that forever. And they won’t move until we alert them…I don’t noe what they do with 8 hours given to them daily. A simple appointment can be drag for 3 months which only involve like 4 people????? hahahhahah…..So pathetic

Another thing is whenever i called them asking for something, the news/report will go to their big headed with empty brain colleague whom i’m suppose kindda have a post here but a total waste because he never act like he have an education before.

And it does not end there, the news will go up to my immediate supervisor…..So many layers…Can make 3 layer tea dee..hahahhaha…

I remembered this scenario happened when i was still schooling…but it ended when i entered secondary school, surprisingly it happen again in my career….So PATHETIC.

To Whom It May Concern,

Please do your work properly. You got paid for every little thing you do. Don’t just come to work and relax, u might as well go to Hawaii and be their cleaner. So far you’ve been wasting people money to pay your salary and you never even care about your customers (whom is actually giving you the money to survive every month).

With Warm Regards=)


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