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Forgiving is not forgetting. March 12, 2012

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You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel…

That’s exactly what i felt from last 4 years.. You know why??

My best friend had a sister that fall in love with an idiot. Without mentioning their names, let me give the initial of their name to make you understand better: The idiot: MK, the weak girl: SA and the b**tch: AA..So here we go…..

One day SA came back and told us that she had fall in love with a guy who is at least 7 years older that her…So we thought..ok maybe he’ll be a mature guy who will make SA happy and appreciated. The relationships went all quite well for almost about a year (or less) i think, then MK started to disappear (like no calls, canceling date, switched off his hp and a lot more of his suspicious action). Until 1 day, SA tried to call MK many times but could not get tru.. MK told her that he was on the way home,…so SA was panic, she was worried that MK involved in accident because not a single msg delivered to him.We also worried at that time, but now we wished the accident was true so that we don’t have to face this idiot MK again!

Anyway, u know what really happened that night? MK went to Genting Highlands or Cameron Higlands (i’m not that sure) with a b**tch named AA (this is actually his ex-girl). Idiot right? Just because he cannot sleep with SA, he went to satisfy his need with this b**tch!

As time goes by, MK was more comfortable dating with AA due to his sex needs…so he broke up with SA. Sad isn’t it? Can we call this idiot a GUY or a MAN? He does not deserve to be a GUY! We still remembered when AA met SA, telling her not to steal her idiot boyfriend…and this idiot guy did not said anything!!!! At this time we were thinking “Does this idiot got a pe**s or not?”He stood there like a coward!

Another incident was during my mother major operation, my friend brought SA along….and out of nowhere this idiot came with AA, gave a warning to SA again to stop contacting MK…and as usual this idiot just stand silently beside AA…How pathetic right? ?He doesn’t deserve to be call a MAN!

After about a year or less i think….MK searched for SA again…giving her excuses that he’d been cheated by AA….bla…bla…bla…. How can an idiot like him got cheated? C’mon! he slept with AA and told SA he’d been cheated? What a CRAP! but to our surprise SA bought his excuse….CRAZY!

Let me divert this a bit, i was once in love with a guy who is much older than me….and i know how different they are from a guy who is 2-3 years different from you. They were romantic and full of nice words….i know that…but i know i would not go far with him plus my parents dislike him…so i quit, i try to avoid him whenever i can…it’s painful to do that but i noe it’s for my future. Alhamdullilah, i’ve the bestest guy now as my husband=)

Let’s get back to the story…AA got back with MK! (Sick!Sick!Sick!). We were so frustrated at that time and i understand what my friend felt at that time…SA was her little sister and she loves her so much, yet she can ignore her family and be with this idiot. I don’t really noe who should be blame, as for me i’ve been in many relationship before…but i have my ego, if a guy dumped me for another gal, whatever happen..i wont except him back…or even if he’s a nice guy but my parents dislike him, i’ll try to slow down…but this SA doesnt seems to have that ego… And this MK forever acting innocent! I believe and i’ve seen a guy with a pride, if the girl family did not accept him anymore, he will move away..but with MK…this idiot never advise SA to obey her family, beside he was proud to post on FB that he is attached with SA. what an IDIOT! (If you watched Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayengge, This man would not take this girl until her family blessed them….it’s just a movie…but that is what a real MAN do)

Childishly, we quit using FB because we could not stand the irritating sh*t this idiot was goofing around.I can give u his FB link, but i felt so sick looking at him that it’s hard for me to paste his actual name here…

Why i’m writing about this today??? Because today, while i was browsing my husband FB and i saw MK is still actively attach with SA still and SA friends supported their relationship (I’m lucky to have a protective friend that advise me to be a better person and most of my friends never support us if we attached with the idiot!). I asked my friend, how’s her relationship with her sister…She said she was ok with her sister but she doesn’t ask anything on her relationship. She’s still upset on the fact that this guy is disturbing her sister. Even though she already forgive MK, but she wouldn’t forget every little thing that MK did to her sister. And if one day it is their faith to be together, WE WOULD NOT BE COMING TO THE WEDDING. It might sound evil, but we could not face this idiot who is not a real man!

I believe “A real man doesn’t play games with a girls heart. Real men stay faithful. They don’t have time to look for other women because they’re too busy looking for new ways to love their own”.

And dear sister SA, do know that we love you so much. And we do pray so that you could open up your heart to love someone else who appreciate you. “Trust the one who can see sorrow behind your smile, love behind your anger, and the reason behind your silence”.My mom always tell me to find a guy who loves you more than you love him…then he will teach you how to love him back like he loves you. We hope you realised that he is not a good guy.If he did change…why would he do an obscene scene at the place he worked when he is in relationship with you? We knew that nothing we said could change your mind, but we wish you put your family as a priority because this IDIOT will never advise you to leave him.He will forever act like a pathetic IDIOT. That is why in Islam, we are thought to love ALLAH more than everything, so that we would not be carried away with human loves.

MK, you know who you are…Once a friend of mine was a manager in Queensbay Mall…i felt like asking her to sack u…but i’m thinking it’s useless…u r a type of person who act without using your brain. Of course you could cheat a girl who is much younger than you….i’m not surprised.  At your age now, i congratulate you for having such an amazing job. But i do want u to know, u will never understand our feeling until u have your own daughter. Do remember Allah is fair, one day if your daughter back you off to stay with her cheating boyfriend…you’ll noe our feeling…I saw it happened in my family….u just wait dear IDIOT.

Dear SA, we want you to know that “a sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life”. Even you have put us behind, we will love you forever.

Below are some du’a that i took from http://ibnrajab.wordpress.com/category/bicara-agama/himpunan-doa/

Antara doa yang selalu diamalkan bagi memohon kesejahteraan dan petunjuk (hidayah) agar Allah sentiasa memandu ke arah kebaikan dan keredhaanNya ialah:


Maksudnya: Ya Allah, ya tuhan kami, sesungguhnya kami bermohon petunjuk (hidayah), nilai taqwa, hati yang mudah merasai kasihan belas dan bebas daripada belenggu keperluan kepada manusia.


Maksudnya: Ya Allah, ya tuhan kami, sinarilah hati kami dengan sinaran (cahaya) petunjuk hidayahMu, sebagaimana engkau sinari bumi ini dengan sinaran (cahaya) matahariMu. Selama- lamanya. Dengan rahmat kasih sayangMu, wahai tuhan yang Maha Luas limpahan rahmatNya.


Maksudnya: Ya Allah, ya tuhan kami, tunjukkanlah kami jalan yang benar, keluarkanlah kami daripada pelbagai kegelapan kepada petunjuk (cahaya iman), dan jauhilah kami daripada segala keburukan sama ada yang zahir ataupun yang tersembunyi.

Wallahu aklam.


2 Responses to “Forgiving is not forgetting.”

  1. Dq Says:

    So sadddd 😦

  2. juzburself Says:

    Yup…So sad…We wish Allah protect SA and give her strength to move on with a better person. Because she deserves a better person that love her because of her.

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