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Whiskas D Orphan Cat March 10, 2012

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Whiskas is my cat….he is my first pet. I never have a pet before and always allergic to cats..but with Whiskas, it’s different….hehehe

Whiskas was found in Sungai Petani behind my old house when he was about 3 weeks old, like i hilighted in the tittle…he was an orphan. We thought of keeping him for a while because he was sick…we planned to keep him until he is healthy, then we’ll give it to Animal Protection Center…but he was such an adorable and clever cat…so we decided to keep him.

So…this is Whiskas=)

Whiskas is the one with white and orange spot. The other one was it’s sibling, but he died few days later after their mother abandoned them (or maybe their mother died because there’s no sign of her in the neighbourhood) but we managed to save Whiskas=)

This is Whiskas when we take him. Skinny aite? He’ That’s why we decided to take care of him until he gain his strenght..

He’s playful again!…..and out of all the toys, he prefered this one-the rubber ball

He loves when i rock him on my lap…So cute! At this time, we already decided to keep him…just look at that face=)

We bought him a bed…hehhehe.. (Whiskas at 10 weeks old)

Whiskas now ( At 10 months old)

This is his hobby, whenever my husband sleep….he will sleep beside my husband…hehe..

Below is the recent pic of him…giving us his ‘man-ly’ look=)


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