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Babies are Beautiful.. March 10, 2012

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Below are my nephews and nieces.. They are all so adorable and insyaAllah, my sister will be deliver early of June=)


My first nephew…Muizzy, he’s now 6 years old…


Followed by my niece Qistiena/PQN, she is now 5 years old


This is Maisara (Muizzy’s little sister), she is now 4 years old


When i’m married, Danial became my nephew-he is 7 years old now


This is Darwish, Danial’s liltle brother. He is now 5 years old

This is Zhalrief, he just celebrated his 2 years old birthday last month.

This is Zhalrief little sister, Zhalfiera. She is 8 months now.

This is Qalish, Qistiena’s baby brother. He is 4 months old now

 And the youngest is Saffeya…she is 3 months old=)

A new baby is like the new beginning, hope, a dream of possibilities. So please people out there…take care of your baby… It’s disturbing when i hear about people dumping their babies, abortion, child abuse andchild exploitation. They’re innocent and helpless, they need you to perotect them.A baby is born with the need to be love and never outgrows it


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